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EOLE 2009 (2nd edition)

EOLE 2009 is now finished !



Slides, pictures and recordings are available !!!


Given the success of the first EOLE event and the growing interest attached to FOSS law issues, a new seminar is organized this year. It will take place in Brussels, capital of Europe, in the prestigious confines of the European Parliament. Once again, it will involve many specialists.

Le Parlement Européen,<br />

The themes of the day will be "FOSS Terminology" and "Mutual software development and other experiences". 


A Committee gathering ten leading experts in the field will supervise the scientific aspects of the programme.

The Greens / European Free Alliance actively supports this event, jointly with many other industrial, university and community sponsors and supporters.


Please log in here if you are interested in participating in EOLE 2009 !

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