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The first European Opensource Lawyers Event

European OpenSource Lawyers Event

The first EOLE conference is now finished. Slides are already published, pictures too, and papers will be posted when received.

September 24th 2008

An important open source event has taken place in Paris on 24 and 25 September 2008 called "Paris Capitale du Libre", and organised by the FNILL (French national federation of the free
software industry):

The importance of open source lawyers' practice and knowledge is increasing and we decided to organise an "off" conference exclusively dedicated to the legal analysis of the GPLv3. This conference has taken place in the same venue as PCL, and was translated in French and English.

In our program, we decided to firstly analyse the GPLv3 by features (Internationalisation, ASP, DRM/anti-lockdown, Patents, Compatibility, etc..) and secondly, to present the points of view of stakeholders from different industrial sectors.

You can also have a look at the programme and the speakers.


Maison Internationale de Paris
17 bd Jourdan
75014 PARIS

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