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“Freeing Public Sector Software”


Monday 29 November (9:30 - 18:30)
9:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome speech: Massimo Giordano, Minister of Innovation of Piedmont Region
Morning (10:00-13:30)
  • EU Parliament: Initiatives at European Parliament, (Eva Lichtenberger, MEP)
  • European Commission: Interoperable solutions for public administrations: the ISA Programme (Szabolcs Szekacs, Informatics Directorate-General - Interoperable Solutions for European Public Administrations - ISA)
  • Italy: Free Software in Turin Province (Ida Vana, Minister for Productive Activities and Information System, Turin Province)
  • Italy: The work of the Commissione Ministeriale sull’Open Source (Prof. Angelo Raffaele Meo, Politecnico di Torino)
  • Italy: Piedmont Region law (Roberto Moriondo, Director of innovation, research and university department, Piedmont Region)


Round Table

  • Sandro Golzio (Director of Informatic System Office of the City of Torino)
  • Stefano De Capitani (Director of CSI-Piemonte)
  • Laura Castellani (Tuscany Region)
  • Ineke Schop (NOIV)
  • Prof. Angelo Raffaele Meo (Politecnico di Torino)

chairman: Roberto Moriondo (Director of innovation, research and university department, Piedmont Region)


Questions & Answers

Lunch (13:30)
Afternoon (4h) (14:30-18:30) 
  • Netherlands: Dutch action plan on interoperability and open source software (Ineke Schop, Head of NOIV) 
  • Spain: The Spanish interoperability framework and FLOSS (Miguel A. Amutio Gomès, Ministry of Presidency)
  • India: Free Software in public sector - Kerala experience (Arun Madhavan Pillai, International Center for FLOSS, Govt of Kerala)
  • Italy: FLOSS and Public Administration: barriers and opportunities for adoption (Sebastiano Lomuscio, System Architect, CONSIP)
  • Estonia: The Estonian software policy (Uuno Vallner, Head of eGovernment Division Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)
  • Ecuador: Free software in Ecuador, (Diego Chavez, Subsecretarìa de Informática, Presidencia de la República del Ecuador)
  • Italy: Free Software in CSI (Pier Paolo Gruero, CSI-Piemonte)
  • Spain: Free software in Extremadura (Carlos M Cabo Domínguez, Project Manager Fundecyt)

Questions & Answers

Tuesday 30 November (10:00 - 18:30)
Morning (10:00-13:30)
Legal aspects of passing laws in favour of FLOSS in the administrations
  • Positive externalities of free software (Marco Ciurcina,
  • Fair treatment and affirmative actions towards Free Software by the Public Administration (Carlo Piana)
  • The case of France (Benjamin Jean, Linagora)
  • The case of UK (Mark Henley)
  • The case of Spain  (Malcom Bain)
  • FLOSS policy must reclaim data and services from the cloud (Philippe Aigrain)
Questions & Answers
FLOSS and public procurement regulations compliance: how should calls for tenders be drafted in order to not discriminate against FLOSS?  
  • Do we need affirmative action in procurement for open standards and FLOSS? (Mathieu Paapst, University of Groningen)
  • Downloading free software instead of tendering for it (Reinout Rinzema)
  • Switzerland: Red Hat vs BBL case (Michel Jaccard)
  • Italy: Associazione per il Software Libero v. Provincia di Bolzano & Microsoft (Adriano Sponzilli & Francesco Paolo Micozzi)

Questions & Answers

Lunch (13:30)
Afternoon (4h) (14:30-18:30)
IP management, distribution & Licensing 
  • The Importance of licence compatibility and interoperability in FLOSS procurement and distribution. The EUPL case (Patrice E. Schmitz – legal counsel
  • Mutualize needs to produce commons (François Élie, President of ADDULACT)
  • Software reuse and license choice. Case studies (Fabio Bravo - University of Bologna)
  • FLOSS compliance through the supply chain (Alessandro Orsi - HP)
  • The use of contribution agreements and importance of inbound software management -Project Harmony (Carlo Piana & Malcolm Bain)

Questions & Answers

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