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Programme EOLE conferences at OWF

European Open source & free software Law Event 



Special 5th anniversary

12 October 2012


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Salle Milan - George V (28, Avenue George V 75008 Paris)

FOSS: Standing on the shoulders of law”




Registration : 9:00



Copyleft extent

(9h30 - 10h30)

    • Viral Licences – Myth or Reality? Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz (Unisys)

    • The Affero GPLv3: Why It Exists & Who It's For? Bradley M. Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy)


FOSS (internal) governance

(10h40 - 11h40)

    • Feedback on open source Governance, Céline Fontaine (Orange)

    • License compatibility analysis and components based systems in public research: presentation of a practical approach, Magali Fitzgibbon (INRIA)

FOSS in Mergers and Acquisitions

(11h50 - 12h50)

    • USA practices in M&A, L. Philip Odence (Black Duck)

    • French M&A in FOSS, Olivier Hugot (Hugot Avocats)



Public procurement of FOSS

(14h00 - 15h00)

    • Public procurement of FOSS, Daniel Melin (Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency)

    • Procuring software by mentioning brand names, Mathieu Paapst (Groningen University)

FOSS and IP consolidation

(15h10 - 16h10)

    • Contribution Policies for FOSS Projects, Richard Fontana (Red Hat)

    • The Rise and Evolution of the Open Source Software Foundation, Stephen R. WALLI (Outercurve)


(16h20 - 17h20)

    • 13 Years of FLOSS License Compliance: A Historical Perspective, Bradley M. Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy)

    • FOSS licences before courts in Europe, Philippe Laurent (CRIDS/MVVP)

Economic impacts of FOSS licenses

(17h30 - 18h30)

    • Free “Libre” Open Source Software Licenses – a Picklock to Open the Market, Massimiliano Gambardella (EconomiX)

    • FOSS and competition law, Benjamin Jean (inno³)


Catering: through the events

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