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  • Neelie Kroes (EC Vice president in charge of new technologies and digital agenda) celebrates OSOR and EUPL [link].

  • When using open source makes you an enemy of the state, [link].

  • Constitutional Court in Italy rules out anti-free-software lobbyist arguments... by Roberto Di Cosmo [link]

  • Savoir Faire Linux vs the Régie des Rentes du Québec [link] (the jugment [link])

  • "At a time European governments encourage the distribution of their own software under the EUPL, what is the level of interoperability provided by this copyleft licence?”, EUPL Interoperability by Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz [link]

  • A Practical Guide to using Free Software in the Public Sector,  Thierry Aimé (new edition: June 2010) [link]

  • Guideline on public procurement of Open Source Software [link] (revised in June 2010, this guide includes references to recent procurement policies developed by Spain and Malta and this year's approval by Italy's constitutional court on the country's Piedmont regional administration procurement law).

  • The Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Open Source Software Policy Implementation: How to Protect the Enterprise from Risk while Helping Your Company More Efficiently Develop and Maintain Applications [link]

  • Declouding freedom: reclaiming servers, services and data, FLOSS Roadmap, Philippe Aigrain [link])




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