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EOLE 2010

29 & 30 November 2010

Centro Incontri Regione Piemonte

corso Stati Uniti, 23


TORINO - Italy


Just over a year ago, the Piedmont Regional Council passed a law providing that: "the Region, in the process of choosing computer programs to acquire, prefers free software and programs whose source code can be inspected by the licensee". Whereas this choice was welcomed with enthusiasm by Free Software supporters and civil society, the Presidency of the Italian Council of Minister contested this law, by referring to the Constitutional Court in order to declare it unlawful. On 23 March 2010, the Court ruled that the preference for Free Software is legitimate and complies with the principle of freedom of competition. The Court clarified that “The concepts of Free Software and software whose code can be inspected do not refer to a particular technology, brand or product, but they rather express a legal feature".
The use of FLOSS in public administration is an important topic, which is subject to political debates, but also raises legal questions. This year, the EOLE event will be dedicated to the study of these questions.

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