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sort icon Titre Speaker Length Player en/fr Slides Picture
01 Viral Licences – Myth or Reality? Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz 25:29 en PDF view
Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz's picture
02 The Affero GPLv3: Why It Exists & Who It's For? Bradley M. Kuhn 24:09 en PDF view
Bradley Kuhn's picture
03 Feedback on open source Governance Céline Fontaine 22:55 fr PDF view
Céline Fontaine's picture
04 License compatibility analysis and components based systems in public research: presentation of a practical approach Magali Fitzgibbon 20:43 fr PDF view
Fitzgibbon Magali's picture
05 USA practices in M&A L. Philip Odence 24:24 en PDF view
Philip Odence's picture
06 French M&A in FOSS Olivier Hugot 27:44 en PDF view
Olivier Hugot's picture
07 Public procurement of FOSS Daniel Melin 31:00 en PDF view
Daniel Melin's picture
08 Procuring software by mentioning brand names Mathieu Paapst 23:53 en PDF view
Mathieu Paapst's picture
09 Contribution Policies for FOSS Projects Richard Fontana 34:06 en PDF view
Richard Fontana's picture
10 The Rise and Evolution of the Open Source Software Foundation Stephen R. WALLI 22:54 en PDF view
Stephen R. WALLI's picture
11 13 Years of FLOSS License Compliance: A Historical Perspective Bradley M. Kuhn 30:45 en PDF view
Bradley Kuhn's picture
12 FOSS licences before courts in Europe Philippe Laurent 33:54 fr PDF view
Philippe Laurent's picture
13 Free “Libre” Open Source Software Licenses – a Picklock to Open the Market Massimiliano Gambardella 22:06 en PDF view
Massimiliano Gambardella's picture
14 FOSS and competition law Benjamin Jean 28:05 fr PDF view
Benjamin Jean's picture

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