EOLE 2016 Programme

EOLE 2016 Programme

Tuesday, 15th November

Venue : Mozilla Foundation - 16 Bis Boulevard Montmartre Paris 75009. France

9h : Welcome

The whole day will be divided in four workshops, openned to lawyers and any other people working on these topics.

  • 9h30 - 11h : Open Data & Innovation. How Open Data opens the way to collaboration and innovation.
    • Moderated by Malcolm Bain (ID Laws) with Loïck Gérard (CRID)
  • 11h30 - 13h : Open Innovation Strategies. How move an organisation to innovation thanks to an Open Innovation strategie.
    • Moderated by Benjamin Jean (INNO3) with Malcolm Bain (ID Laws)
  • 14h - 15h30 :  Open Interfaces for Innovation. How collaborations needs common & open interfaces in all forms: including hardware, software and legal interfaces.
    • Moderated by Philippe Laurent (MVVP)
  • 16h - 17h30 : Open Infrastructures for Innovation: How organizational structures sustain collaborative innovation within free and open source projects.
    • Moderated by Karen Sandler (Software Freedom Conservancy) with Italo Vignoli (TDF)


19h00 : Paris Open Source Social Event (on registration) at Square.Paris

EOLE 2016: The Legal Side of Open Innovation