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Speakerssort icon Título Abstract Slides
Armijn Hemel Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions GPL license compliance  The enormous success of Linux in the consumer electronics industry has unfortunately led to a dramatic increase in license violations in devices. In this talk we will shortly look at the... PDF
Benedicte Pascal Intel Installation Information requirements in the GPLv3 and LGPLv3  One of the major changes introduced in the GPLv3 and LGPLv3 is the clause preventing “tivoisation”. Richard Stallman defines Tivoisation as “the practice of designing hardware... PDF
Greg Kelton Palamida The Intersection of IP and Security in Open Source The use of open source software continues to grow on a daily basis. Today, enterprise applications contain 40% to 70% open source code and this fact has legal, development, IT security, risk... PDF
Guillaume Rousseau Antelink Managing FOSS during development: preventive and curative approaches Today, most software development teams use free and open source software (FOSS) components, because it increases the speed and the quality of the development. Many open source components are the de... PDF
Hervé Guyomard Black Duck Legal Issues for FOSS-based Supply Chain Management – Black Duck Software   Open source is typically outside of normal commercial software procurement processes The Challenges Increasingly diverse and distributed set of development resources... PDF
Malcolm Bain id law partners Legal issues in promoting FOSS in R+D projects – Policy, Organisation and Management  Creating and using FLOSS in R+D projects raises several legal issues, which need to be managed as soon as possible – preferably during the project planning stage. Challenges in the areas... PDF
Marco Ciurcina Update on FOSS before the courts The presentation reflects on French and Italian case law that, in recent years, has dealt with free software from two different angles: public procurement and consumer protection against joint sales... PDF
Mark Henley Wragge & Co. LLP F/OSS to promote vendor independence/avoid lock-in in the enterprise This paper focuses on the use of FLOSS to promote vendor independence/avoid lock-in in the enterprise.  It looks at how FLOSS projects follow open standards, how forking prevents lock-in if a... PDF
Martin Michlmayr FOSSBazaar Sharing Open Source License and Copyright Data with SPDX Organizations across the globe are creating and distributing products that include open source software. To ensure compliance with the open source licenses, each company needs to evaluate exactly... PDF
Nathalie Foutel ENAC Free Open Source Software and Dual-Use: Loophole or Dissent? The Free Open Source Software (FOSS) seem far from the military field but in some cases, some technologies normally used for civilian purposes may have military applications. These products and... PDF
Orsi Alessandro Hewlett-Packard Licensing Review in R+D Projects  FOSS packages are becoming ever more present in R&D projects carried out a variety of entities, including large corporations. I will focus on how legal risks associated with the use of FOSS... PDF
Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz UNISYS Contracting with free software communities  Industry and large Agencies needs “agile” programming resources, to reinforce their own development staff and take advantage of innovative approaches produced by “fresh minds... PDF
Peter Vescuso Black Duck License selection and management With nearly 2,000 free and open source software (FLOSS) licenses, software license proliferation– can be a major headache for software development organizations trying to speed development... PDF
Philippe Laurent CRID / MVVP FOSS issues in technology transfers from the University to the Industry.   FOSS has always been particularly welcome in Universities. Its spirit corresponds generally with the academic state of mind, and royalty-free technologies are particularly appreciated where... PDF
Romain Berrendoner Adacore Warranties used as a mean to promote commercial FOSS  From a business standpoint, this paper describes the point of view on the question of warranties of a FOSS editor doing business in a risk-averse market segment. It is based on 15-years... PDF