EOLE means European Opensource & free sofware Law Event.

The annual conference is organized by a group of lawyers from various European countries. Each year, we place particular emphasis on various aspects of the use and development of FOSS.

Who We Are

EOLE is an international event that aims to promote the sharing and dissemination of legal knowledge on Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) licenses, as well as the development and promotion of good practices in the field.

It takes the form of a conference cycle, organized every year with a different topic: Open Innovation, free software licenses, public sector, research, cloud, etc. The event takes place in a different location every year (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, etc.), in order to disseminate these topics and good practices as broadly as possible. EOLE tends to be organized during major events dedicated to Open Source like the Paris Open Source Summit or the Open World Forum, with the aim to bring them this legal dimension.

EOLE is organized by volunteers lawyers from the Open Source field and/or very interested by Open Source (see our team). The organization team is open to everyone, so everyone can feel free to join the team.

Our History