Compatibility / Incompatibility Benjamin Jean PDF icon 5_B_Jean_Compatibility - Incompatibility En.pdf
Open Source Licenses - License or Contract? Jaeger PDF icon 3_T_Jaeger.pdf
Software & Work(s) Ciurcina PDF icon 6_M_Ciurcina.pdf
Distribution Bain PDF icon 7_M_Bain_EOLE_1.pdf
“Copyleft” Laurent PDF icon 4_Ph_Laurent.pdf
Open Source Licensing in the Mobile Industry Mansson PDF icon 13_M_Mansson.pdf
Open Source Licensing in the Mobile Industry Mansson PDF icon 13_M_Mansson.pdf
Use The Source But what is it? De Groot PDF icon 2_A_de_Groot.pdf
Software Interactions Mark Henley PDF icon 8_M_Henley.pdf
Free / Open Source Software at the University... from a Technology Transfer perspective Laurent PDF icon 11-11-04_PhL_EOLE_0.PDF
Viral licences : myth or reality ? Schmitz PDF icon 01-Viral Licences – Myth or Reality - Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz (EOLE2012).pdf
Affero GPLv3: Why It Exists & Who It’s For? Kuhn PDF icon 02-The Affero GPLv3. Why It Exists and Who It's For - Bradley M. Kuhn (EOLE2012).pdf
feedback on open source gouvernance Fontaine PDF icon 03-Feedback on open source Governance. Céline Fontaine (EOLE2012).pdf
M&A in FOSS Hugo PDF icon 06-French M&A in FOSS-Olivier Hugot (EOLE2012).pdf
The Swedish framework agreement for procurement of open source software Melin PDF icon 07-Public procurement of FOSS-Daniel Melin (EOLE2012).pdf
Procuring software by mentioning brand names Paapst PDF icon 08-Procuring software by mentioning brand names -Mathieu Paapst (EOLE2012).pdf
USA practices in M&A Phil Odence PDF icon 05-USA practices in M&A-L. Philip Odence (EOLE2012).pdf
Contribution Policies for FOSS projects Richard Fontana PDF icon 09-Contribution Policies for FOSS Projects-Richard Fontana (EOLE2012).pdf
SPDX : 2018 Trends Camille MOULIN PDF icon EOLE_2018_SPDX_v1.pdf
Epic fails and good practices in the quest for GDPR compliance Cristina De Lisle PDF icon EOLE_2018_GDPR_compliance.pdf
Free licences compatibility tool Marco CIURCINA
Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA) Patrice-Emmanuel SCHMITZ PDF icon Joinup Licensing Assistant - Presentation EOLE.PDF
Open Chain Malcolm BAIN PDF icon EOLE_2018_OpenChain.pdf
Goals of the French open-source contribution policy for all civil servants from central administrations Laurent JOUBERT PDF icon JOUBERT - DINSIC open source contribution policy.pdf
Public Administration and free software in Italy Laura GARBATI PDF icon GARBATI - EOLE2018 - PA and OS.pdf