EOLE 2008: GPLv3 and European Law

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 – 09:00 to 19:00 The importance of open source lawyers’ practice and knowledge is increasing and we decided to organise an “off” conference exclusively dedicated to the legal analysis of the GPLv3. This conference has taken place in the same venue as PCL, and was translated in French and English. In our program, we decided to firstly analyse the GPLv3 by features (Internationalisation, ASP, DRM/anti-lockdown, Patents, Compatibility, etc..) and secondly, to present the points of view of stakeholders from different industrial sectors.

24 September 2008 / France – “Paris, Capitale du Libre”

9h00 – 19h00 (salon de la Fondation des États-Unis)

Morning : GPLv3 by Features

From 9:00 to 10:30

  • The process of GPL revision
    • Philippe Aigrain (Sopinspace/SFLC)
  • The “internationalisation” of the GPLv3 wording
    • Ciaran O’Riordan (Freedom Task Force)
  • The copyleft extent of the GPLv3
    • Javier Gonzalez (University of the Balearic Islands)
  • The GPLv3 and ASP
    • Marco Ciurcina (StudioLegale.it)

From 10:55 to 11:05

  • The GPLv3 and compatibility issues
    • Philippe Laurent (CRID / MVVP)

From 11:05 to 13:30

  • The GPLv3 and patents
    • Bruno De Vuyst (MVVP)
  • The GPLv3 and DRMs /anti-lock down clauses
    • Philippe Aigrain (Sopinspace/SFLC)
  • The GPLv3 : warranty & liability
    • Sandrine Rambaud (Bird & Bird)
  • The GPLv3 and private law considerations
    • Grégoire Jocquel(Cabinet Gilles Vercken)

Afternoon : GPLv3 by Sectors

From 14:30 to 16:25

  • The GPLv3 from the service & development industry perspective
    • Benjamin Jean (Linagora)
  • GPLv3 from the embedded soft-ware/hardware industry perspective
    • David Marr (Sun) & Phill Robb (Hewlett-Packard)
  • The GPL enforcement and GPL compilation
    • Loïc Dachary (APRIL / FSF France)
  • GPLv3 or EUPL? Alternative for Public sectors and their providers
    • Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz (Unisys)

From 16:35 to 19:00

  • The GPLv3 from the public administration perspective
    • Thierry Aimé (Ministère des finances – FR)
  • The GPLv3 from the public administration perspective (II) — SaaS
    • Pascal Verniory(DCTI – CH)
  • The (L)GPLv3 from the community perspective
    • Sophie Gautier (OpenOffice.org)
  • Groklaw and the GPL: How the Community Helps
    • Erwan Hamon (FFII France)
  • The GPL from the US lawyer’s point of view / The Jacobsen v. Katzer case
    • Mark Radcliffe (DLA Piper)