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Affero GPLv3: Why It Exists & Who It’s For? Kuhn PDF icon 02-The Affero GPLv3. Why It Exists and Who It's For - Bradley M. Kuhn (EOLE2012).pdf
Contribution Policies for FOSS projects Richard Fontana PDF icon 09-Contribution Policies for FOSS Projects-Richard Fontana (EOLE2012).pdf
feedback on open source gouvernance Fontaine PDF icon 03-Feedback on open source Governance. Céline Fontaine (EOLE2012).pdf
M&A in FOSS Hugo PDF icon 06-French M&A in FOSS-Olivier Hugot (EOLE2012).pdf
Procuring software by mentioning brand names Paapst PDF icon 08-Procuring software by mentioning brand names -Mathieu Paapst (EOLE2012).pdf
The Swedish framework agreement for procurement of open source software Melin PDF icon 07-Public procurement of FOSS-Daniel Melin (EOLE2012).pdf
USA practices in M&A Phil Odence PDF icon 05-USA practices in M&A-L. Philip Odence (EOLE2012).pdf
Viral licences : myth or reality ? Schmitz PDF icon 01-Viral Licences – Myth or Reality - Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz (EOLE2012).pdf
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Assessment of Open Source Software for Public Administrations Marco Conoscenti PDF icon 2021-03-17-marco-conoscenti-eole.pdf
Best practices for helping Public Administrations work with Open Source Malcolm BAIN PDF icon Malcolm Bain AP Tools.pdf
Computer modeling, open sourcing and open science Alexis Drogoul PDF icon Open-Source Modeling_DROGOUL_EOLE.pdf
Decidim : Free open source participatory democracy for cities and organizations Arnau Monterde PDF icon Decidim_arnau_2021_en_EOLE.pdf
Free software acquisition by public administration : What does Open Source change? Benjamin Jean PDF icon Slides BJE EOLE 2020.pdf
Guidelines for SW Procurement and Reuse by Italian PAs (2019) Italo Vignoli PDF icon italovignoli-eole2020.pdf
JOIN UP : The Licensing Assistant Patrice-Emmanuel SCHMITZ PDF icon PE SCHMITZ - Joinup JLA Presentation 17-03-2021 v02.pdf
Open source governance within public administrations : drive the change towards sharing Laura GARBATI PDF icon Eole_Garbati_27.1.2021.pdf
Open source in open science - or how to facilitate technological trust production Alexandra Giannopoulou PDF icon A-GIANNOPOULOU-EOLE.pdf
Performing ICT Services through Cooperation among Public Administrations Barbara Gagliardi PDF icon Barbara - Performing ICT Services through Cooperation among Public Administrations.pdf
Software reuse through free and open source: Developers Italia and the Italian strategy Leonardo Favario PDF icon leonardofavario-eole2020.pdf
Status of Open Source Software Policies in Europe (from OSOR) Vivien Devenyi PDF icon OSOR at EOLE_vFinal.pdf
Trace, test, treat: data failure in a pandemic Carlo Piana PDF icon CarloPiana-eole2020.md_.pdf
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Building a digital commons of Public Administraton for OS sofware: the experience of CSI-Piemonte Laura GARBATI PDF icon LGARBATI_CSIPiemonte_CCBYSA4.0.pdf
Communs Numériques: du logiciel à la donnée personnelle, licences et autres techniques légales Marco CIURCINA PDF icon MCIURCINA_LogicielàlaDonnéePerso.pdf
Développement des logiciels et de la connaissance en open source : l'exemple d'Open Food Network Rachel Arnould PDF icon RARNOULD_OpenFoodNetwork_BY NC ND.pdf
Exiger un logiciel Open source dans un marché public : Les bonnes pratiques à adopter Benjamin Jean PDF icon BJEAN_MarchéPublicOS.pdf
Le financement des Communs numériques par les collectivités publiques Olivier Jaspart PDF icon OJASPART_FinancementParCollectivitésPubliques.pdf
Sustainability and legal structure: 2 major challenges for the public sector on Free and Open Source Software projects. Malcolm BAIN PDF icon MBAIN_OrganiserJuridiquement.pdf
Valorising digital commons through an IP license Vincent Bachelet PDF icon VBACHELET_CoopCycle.pdf
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Compatibility / Incompatibility Benjamin Jean PDF icon 5_B_Jean_Compatibility - Incompatibility En.pdf
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Distribution Bain PDF icon 7_M_Bain_EOLE_1.pdf
Open Source Licenses - License or Contract? Jaeger PDF icon 3_T_Jaeger.pdf
Open Source Licensing in the Mobile Industry Mansson PDF icon 13_M_Mansson.pdf
Open Source Licensing in the Mobile Industry Mansson PDF icon 13_M_Mansson.pdf
Software & Work(s) Ciurcina PDF icon 6_M_Ciurcina.pdf
Software Interactions Mark Henley PDF icon 8_M_Henley.pdf
Use The Source But what is it? De Groot PDF icon 2_A_de_Groot.pdf
“Copyleft” Laurent PDF icon 4_Ph_Laurent.pdf
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Epic fails and good practices in the quest for GDPR compliance Cristina De Lisle PDF icon EOLE_2018_GDPR_compliance.pdf
Free licences compatibility tool Marco CIURCINA
Goals of the French open-source contribution policy for all civil servants from central administrations Laurent JOUBERT PDF icon JOUBERT - DINSIC open source contribution policy.pdf
Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA) Patrice-Emmanuel SCHMITZ PDF icon Joinup Licensing Assistant - Presentation EOLE.PDF
Open Chain Malcolm BAIN PDF icon EOLE_2018_OpenChain.pdf
Public Administration and free software in Italy Laura GARBATI PDF icon GARBATI - EOLE2018 - PA and OS.pdf
SPDX : 2018 Trends Camille MOULIN PDF icon EOLE_2018_SPDX_v1.pdf
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Free / Open Source Software at the University... from a Technology Transfer perspective Laurent PDF icon 11-11-04_PhL_EOLE_0.PDF
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Workshop 1 - Getting lawyers to work together in an open source compliance approach Benjamin Jean PDF icon eole2023-workshop-1_synthesis.pdf