Restitution EOLE 2019 - Panel 3 : Organization and governance of a digital common

Panel 3 : Organization and governance of a digital common

The organizational modes specific to projects of commons must necessarily be representative of the communities and the issues related to these projects. In this sense, the governance of a common must integrate components of openness, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. During this last panel, each speaker presented possible solutions to initiate and maintain a virtuous logic of governance of commons.

Restitution EOLE 2019 - Panel 1 : Digital commons for everyone

EOLE is an annual conference cycle with an international reach, and aims to encourage the pooling and dissemination of legal knowledge related to open licenses as well as the development and promotion of good practices. Initiative born in 2008 out of the needs of practitioners in the field, EOLE aims to develop a legal doctrine dedicated to open source, with particular attention to the delivery of neutral and quality information. This year, EOLE took place in Marseille (France) on October 16th.