The financing of Digital Commons by public authorities

This talk has been presented by Olivier JASPART, during the 2019 edition with the thematic “Legal aspects of digital commons”.

The financing of Digital Commons by public authorities

We must see the possibilities of contribution by legal entities under public law, and in particular local authorities, to the financing and economic viability of Digital Commons. Thus, are the traditional forms of administrative contracts (public orders, subsidies, etc.) relevant as they stand to ensure this financing, or should other forms of public action not be developed? Finally, what funding regime for public information is being considered by the law to make it a digital administrative common? With regard to these questions, it is advisable to consider the various possible forms of public initiatives before addressing the specific regime of the contribution to the Digital Commons of public information provided by the code of relations between the public and the administration.

About Olivier JASPART :

Legal advisor, Municipality of Livry-Gargan

Olivier Jaspart, legal advisor in the municipaliy of Livry-Gargan and promoter of the theory of administrative law of common property.