The 9th edition of EOLE is coming! This year, participants will focus on mutualization of best practices and tools for managing Open Source.

Are you interested in the legal aspects of Open Source ? Open Data ? Open Hardware? and so on . . .

EOLE is an international event that aims to promote the sharing and dissemination of legal knowledge on Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) licenses, as well as the development and promotion of good practices in the field.

It takes the form of a conference cycle, organized every year with a different topic: Open Innovation, free software licenses, public sector, research, cloud, etc. The event takes place in a different location every year (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, etc.), in order to disseminate these topics and good practices as broadly as possible. EOLE tends to be organized during major events dedicated to Open Source like the Paris Open Source Summit or the Open World Forum, with the aim to bring them this legal dimension.

EOLE is organized by volunteers lawyers from the Open Source field and/or very interested by Open Source (see our team). The organization team is open to everyone, so everyone can feel free to join the team.

Free and open source software presents a large number of advantages for businesses: independence from traditional software publishers, adaptability, sustainability, etc. For companies wishing to benefit from the digital transformation of their  sector, free and open source software can also be seen as a business differentiator. More and more companies have seized this opportunity and are increasingly adopting free and open source software: the use of free and open source software within companies have doubled between 2010 and 2015, according to a study conducted by Gartner.

The specificities of using free and open source software components require companies to implement good practices, which are based on the formalization of new processes or the design of contractual and organisational frameworks, and increasingly the deployment of certain tools. These good practices will enable companies first to comply with free and open source software licenses, but above all to take full advantage of free and open source software

Managing free and open source software is improved through the implementation of tools dedicated to source code auditing (such as FOSSology or Black Duck) and processes to validate source code that has been produced within the company. This also applies to company contracts: specific contracts may have to be concluded (licenses, CLA or CAA), on which the employees will have to be trained.

The 2017 edition of EOLE, organized during the Paris Open Source Summit in December (5th December 2017), will be an opportunity to present these good practices by focusing on possibilities for mutualization (sharing).

Mutualization of best practices and tools offers many advantages: time and costs savings, risk reduction, etc. It also enhances the benefits of a digital transformation based on free and open source software.

This year's Event will allow us to discuss on the following topics with a view towards establishing and sharing best practices in this area:

  • Harmonization of contractual practices
  • Free and open source software policy frameworks
  • Licensing analysis grid
  • License issues in continuous development tools
  • License management and compliance tools
  • Patent practices
  • Trademark policies

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