Call for proposals EOLE 2018 : Compliance & conformance processes in the time of mainstream Open SourceCall for propos

The use of free and open source software presents a large number of advantages for organizations : independence from traditional publishers, adaptability, sustainability, etc. For the past few years, its adoption was accelerated because of its growing strategic nature and market pressure. In the digital age, free software become a true business differentiator, and not taking advantage of it to strengthen professions is a real risk for hesitant or refractory organizations.

As a consequence, many actors gradually establish good practices relying on international standardization processes, deployment of specific tools, or the design of standards. These good practices enable the organization to respect licences, but above all to fully benefit from free and open source software by focusing on its own added-value.

In this context, increasingly integrated in industrial processes of open source user and producer organizations, the conformity management has now acquired a strong maturity thanks to numerous international initiatives of standardization and automation. Resolutely turned towards this thematic, the edition 2018 will allow to report the state of progress of these different works and to anticipate the next major evolutions of the area.

The Call for Proposals is now closed (September 28th), thank you for your participation !