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Benjamin Jean

President at inno³

Co-organizator of the annual European Opensource and free software Law Event, Benjamin Jean is currently the inno³ company's CEO, an open innovation consulting firm focused on IP and project management . He also works as lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, teachs IP in several Masters and as consultant within the Gilles Vercken Law firm.

Benjamin Jean is author of a new book “Option Libre. The good usage of Free Licences” (http://framabook.org), co-author of the “Open Source Guide” professional whitepaper published by the Syntec Numerique and is involved in several working teams about open source and Open Data governance and/or licensing.

During it past position, he created the first CJOS (Open Source Law Center) He also co-founded, a few years ago, a French (community) project, named Veni Vidi Libri, which aims to inform creators and developers about free/OS licenses and to help them using free licenses.

Philippe Laurent's picturePhilippe Laurent

Lawyer at MVVP

Philippe Laurent is a lawyer at Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners (MVVP), a Brussels-based independent law firm. He advises clients on Intellectual Property (copyrights, trademarks, patents...), and Information Technology law matters, such as online contracting, IP use on the Internet, E-commerce, as well as data protection issues. His practice encompasses a wide range of commercial law matters as well, including any form of distribution (exclusive distributorship, agency, franchising agreements,...), promotion and advertisement of goods and services and consumer protection compliance. He usually advises businesses in the software development & services, information processing, advertisement, media & entertainment and online commerce sectors. Philippe is also senior researcher at the Research Centre - Information, Law & Society (CRIDS) of the University of Namur, where he specializes in IP licensing. He has worked extensively on the legal aspects of FOSS, and is currently working on the development of a local FOSS expertise centre. Philippe is also alternate member of the copyrights and neighbouring rights section of the Intellectual Property Council of the Belgian Ministry of Economy (SPF Economie) and is appointed by the CEPANI as Third-Party Decider for ".be" domain name disputes.

Philippe Aigrain

Director at Sopinspace


Ciaran O'Riordan

Freedom Task Force coördinator at Freedom Task Force

Marco Ciurcina

Attorney at law at StudioLegale.it

Bruno De Vuyst

Counsel at MVVP

Profile: Bruno De Vuyst specializes in intellectual property law with a focus on patents, particularly as regards software and life sciences, and models and designs.

Bruno is a graduate of Antwerp Law School (magna cum laude 1975) and Columbia Law School (1976). His early career was spent at the World Bank. His last position in the international civil service was that of Legal Advisor and chief of staff to the director-general of the Common Fund for Commodities.

He teaches at Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and is the Advisor, Industrial Policy, at VUB as well as the secretary-general of the spin-off fund of VUB, BI³. In that latter capacity, he sits on the board of VUB spin-offs in new materials and in life sciences.

He publishes and speaks regularly, nationally and internationally, on intellectual property, e-governance and e-commerce, and on international finance.

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German


- Member of the General Meeting of the Order of Flemish Bar Associations

- Former member of the Brussels Bar Council

- Member of the editorial boards of the magazines IRDI (“Intellectuele Rechten - Droits Intellectuels”) and “Ad Rem”

- Former chairman of Raamtheater, a professional theatre with two platforms in Antwerp

Sandrine Rambaud

Lawyer at Cabinet Bird & Bird

Grégoire Jocquel

Lawyer at Cabinet Gilles Vercken

David Marr

Assistant General Counsel Product & Technology Law at Sun

Phil Robb

Loïc Dachary

Senior Developer at APRIL and the FSF France

Loïc Dachary est un pionnier du logiciel libre auquel il s'intéresse dès 1987. En 1989, il crée l'association Gna qui devient la FSF France en 2001. Il est également le fondateur de eucd.info. Il est membre du projet GNU, de l'APRIL et de la FSF France. C'est aussi un développeur Debian qui a participé au développement de nombreux logiciels libres.

Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz

Director EU Management Consulting at UNISYS

Thierry Aime

Direction Générale des Finances publiques, Bureau de l'architecture informatique at French ministry of finance

Ministère du budget, des comptes publics et de la fonction publique.

Pascal Verniory

Responsable du service juridique du CTI at Etat de Genève, Centre des technologies de l'information

Sophie Gautier

Member of the Community Council at LibreOffice.org

Erwan Hamon

Secretary at FFII fr

Mark Radcliffe

Partner // co-chair of the Technology and Sourcing Practice Group at DLA Piper Partner