SPDX : 2018 Trends

This talk has been presented by Camille MOULIN, during the 2018 edition with the thematic “Compliance & conformance processes in the time of mainstream Open Source”.

SPDX : 2018 Trends

SPDX is a “low level” (as in “fundamental”) standard for automating licence-related aspects of FOSS (Free Open Source Software). This talk will present the main trends of the evolution of the standard and the basic technical aspects to leverage it.

About Camille MOULIN :

Consultant, inno³

Senior consultant, Camille Moulin accompanies the clients of Inno³ to define Open Source / Open Data strategies and politics with them. He is particularly invested in the articulation of technical & legal dimensions, as well as business transformation. Camille is committed to the promotion of free software, interoperability and open standards for more than ten years, in particular in the context of the AFUL, of which he has been the administrator for several years.